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the king of life and DJ at the lake

I gave up the car. I sold it, and that's it: less stress, more time.

Even though I could give it up at all, I can't give up taxis.


Because I can't, I don't want, and that's all.

Because I get into the cab from time to time and "almost always" accost my interlocutor, the driver.

2days ago, I didn't give up either. As usual, I ordered a taxi through the app and handled the morning bustle. The phone's intrusive sound shook me out of my routine. It only confirmed: "everything is ok, your driver, your next story is on the way. he will arrive in 7 minutes". No sooner had I thought about the story than I felt better, those more emotional claims that then your heart warms. Mine doesn't, so what? We are not all the same.

I got moving so as not to be late. I don't like being late—a matter of upbringing. Parental heritage. Some people say that some of your parents' values and characteristics remain in you; I don't know if this is, but let it be. I wasn't late; I even waited a bit for my story, the story of a man. But it was worth it. Oh, it was worth it.

To begin with, I didn't have to wait long for the first teaser. The driver, a boy, still young, could stand 300, maybe 500 meters in silence and after a minute, without restraint, asked straight from the shoulder:

- where are you going?

- to work, to the seaside, to Gdynia, I mean – I replied.

- and what do you do, if I may ask?

- I organise work for others, and we implement it effectively along with them.

- do you like it?

- I do; I like it very much.

- and that's the point, that's what it's all about, sir, it is all about doing what you like. And the less you like, the less you do or don't do at all.

- yeah, my parents often told me that.

- cool parents, and do you travel often? – the driver continued.

- often, a few, over a dozen trips a month – I replied unhurriedly.

- that's a lot. I am also supposedly at work now, but I am on a trip.

- well, with me here now, with someone else somewhere. You are right, and you have more than one trip every day.

- and that's the point, that's what it's all about, sir, there is no boredom. Interesting folks. Interesting lives they have.

- and you? don't you? – I boldly started the topic - pretty Good Opportunity.

- sure, I do. and do you know that I used to be an accountant?

"How should I know?" – I thought and replied politely:

- an accountant? so what are you doing here driving a taxi?

- I hide in it for the wintertime. I work for myself.

- but why did you quit as an accountant?

- I resigned because it wasn't a job for a young man.

I was about to blurt out and reply:" and that's the point, that's what it's all about", but I refrained and asked:

- how come it's not for the young?

- you know, I'd just graduated, and I preferred chasing girls to dealing with digits and numbers.

- I see. girls are girls, and they smile more often than numbers ;)

- sure. I dropped a plum job and followed one girl into the world. You know, that's the point, it is all about liking what you do.

- I know now. But do you like Women, too?

- I do.

- and when you followed one of them into the world and dropped a good job, what did you start doing?

- I started my own business, set up a company and provided various services.

- what services?

- I was successful at dealing with events. The business was going well. I organised events for others. I had exclusive rights – the entire Zegrze Lake. I was the DJ of the Lake. You know, I was the king of life.

- I guess it must have been a good time?

- it was. Those were the days, sir. a party every weekend and sometimes during the week. The driver said dreamily. That he must have walked down memory lane.

- and you're not doing events now?

- I'm not.

- why?

- because I met my wife once at such an event, and it was over. for starters, it was over.

- how did it end?

- well, I will always find a new job because of a woman, and I will change it.

- because of a woman?

- normally, my wife said: "stop doing events."

- and did you "stop"?

- I did.

- why?

- dissolute times, sir. she knew what she was doing and knew me a little.

- everything's clear, and what did you do with the company?

- I sold it to my friend. He didn't manage. A year later, the company was gone.

- so your friend disliked the job?

- and that's the point, that's what it's all about, sir; he didn't like it. But it would help if you liked it.

- so, women and work need to be liked.

- exactly. I found another job because of a woman, too.

- what kind of job?

- you know, I love history. I like history and am interested in it, so I set up yet another company.

- because of history?

- yeah. I run a company which provides pyrotechnics and other equipment for reenactment groups.

- reenactment groups?

- yes, those enthusiasts who sit in the trenches and reenact battles.

- and is it profitable?

- it is; one suit sometimes costs a few thousand. I work for them and sit in the trenches with them.

- your wife doesn't mind?

- she doesn't.

- I see, and the taxi?

- the taxi is for the wintertime. You know, I am on a trip, and from time to time, I chat with some Woman, Man, Human, and that's it.

- yes – I nodded and thought:

"and that's the point, that's what it's all about, sir, to mind Women in your life. if you mind Women in your life, you will change your job for a better one".

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